Give 60 Seconds to Mindfulness

happiness mindfulness Jul 24, 2020

Here are my TOP 5 quick and easy mindfulness activities. Try one each day for the next five days, then keep doing your favorites regularly after that! 

1. Stretch for 60 seconds.

Take 60 seconds to stretch each muscle group, starting with your feet and working your way up to your head and neck. Breathe slowly and deeply as you stretch, feeling the tension and stress leave your body. Enjoy the 60 second break in your day, while reaping the relaxing benefits of stretching. 

2. Eat mindfully.

Have you ever heard of mindful eating? Well it's a thing ;) And it's probably the opposite of the fast-paced eating experience many of us are accustomed to. To practice mindful eating, take a small piece of food- for example, it could be a piece of chocolate, a blueberry or a raisin. Spend 60 seconds experiencing the item by noticing how it feels in your mouth. What does it smell like? What textures do you notice? How does it taste? Try to savor the item and pay close, mindful, attention to what you're eating.

3. Breathe mindfully.

To practice mindful breathing, you don’t need to do anything to your breath. Just breathe naturally, in and out, at a pace that feels peaceful and natural to you. Focus on breathing with your belly and not your chest. This means your belly should rise with each inhale and fall with each exhale. Close your eyes and breathe mindfully for 60 seconds. 

4. Meditate.

Close your eyes and take a few deep, relaxing belly breaths. Repeat the words, "Love, peace, calm," for one minute. 

5. Focus on a need.

Ask yourself this question: What do I need? Pause for about 20 seconds. Do you need self-love, exercise, rest? Focus on something you can give to yourself, not a need that you want someone else to do for you. Focus on something you can give yourself to feel more fulfilled, happier and at peace. 

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