Happiness and Your Social Network

happiness Jun 10, 2018

Happiness and self-concept are fairly well ingrained by adulthood, but can definitely still be influenced by those around you. On the one hand, we’re taught not to take things personally, on the other hand, how we’re treated inevitably has some effect on how we feel. For this reason, it’s important to surround yourself with positive people who bring you up.  People who have good self-esteem and feel happy themselves.  These are the people who are more likely to be positive, encouraging, supportive, and generally fun to be around. It’s important to be encouraging and supportive of others too.  And your self-esteem and happiness will improve when you help others.

Think about your social network.  Are the people you spend the most time with positive or negative?  Do you feel excited, motivated and happy around certain people in your life?  If so, that’s great.  Spend more time with those people!  Foster those relationships and be a good friend back.  Limit the time with the more toxic and draining people in your life.  I’m not suggesting you cut them off completely; that’s a personal and complicated decision.  But limiting your time with them can help you feel happier and more confident!

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