The 1% Rule: How to Achieve Your Goals

goals happiness May 01, 2019

I recently read a book called "The 1% Rule," by Tommy Baker, recommended by a friend who's a business owner, entrepreneur, and a person who is generally trying to make the world a better place. He knows, like I do, that making the world a better place starts with taking care of ones own mental and physical health. The book is mostly about business, and it applies to all types of personal achievements! The premise is that you can't achieve any goal overnight, rather it's about doing a little bit everyday. The 1% Rule is to improve 1% everyday!

if you know anything about the game of golf, you know that it's very rare to make a hole-in-one. In fact, even the best golfers don't approach the tee planning on a hole-in-one. Rather, the golfer's plan is to get a little closer to the hole, and put the golf ball in a better position to get closer on the next shot and so forth. If you do get a hole-in-one, GREAT! You beat the odds by a long shot (see what I did there!? 😉) But most likely, you won't get a hole-in-one, but you will get a little bit closer, shot-by-shot; step-by-step. Same with personal change. You can beat the odds and make huge changes quickly, but the goal should really be to make a little progress everyday. 1% better everyday! 


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