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Be your best, everyday. Start making positive changes in your life today! Video programs for personal development. 

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Be happy in life and love. Video courses for creating positive relationships and better family-life.

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Find your path. Create your best future. Be amazing at work, no matter what you do. Video courses for career success. 

This Month's Featured Program

Our featured program is "Improving Communciation in Your Relationship." Who doesn't need some help with that!? Really, communication is everything- in romantic relationships, friendships and business. While this is geared towards couples, the principles work for all types of relationships. You'll see what we mean once you get started with this step-by-step 4-week program including 3 bonus features! Click here to get started.

Your Best Life Starts here.

We at PsychSavvy believe that personal transformation can happen from anywhere: like in your living room, on a business trip, or at your desk. You're busy, and we get that! So we've created a database of self-improvement video courses that you can access at your convenience from anywhere! It's personal development that's affordable and on demand. Created and presented by experts in the field of Psychology. Check out our Store Page to get started!

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The Happiness Newsletter by PsychSavvy

Our focus at PsychSavvy is helping everyone achieve happiness! The routes may be different, but the goal is the same. So our newletter is about finding happiness through personal development, better relationships and career fulfillment. Subscribe and get expert tips and strategies about achieving, maintaining and heightening happiness.

Dr. Catherine Cirulli, Psy.D.

Dr. Cirulli is a Clinical Psychologist and founder of PsychSavvy. She developed PsychSavvy to give people everywhere a convenient way to access help with personal development. Dr. Cirulli is dedicated to helping people create healthy relationships and establish personal fulfillment. Dr. Cirulli holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in Psychology. Her past professional experiences include supervising for the graduate program in Psychology at the University of Denver, consulting for The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, working in child welfare, college counseling, career counseling, and with chronic pain patients.

Dr. Cirulli has presented to live audiences on a variety of topics including stress management, social anxiety, relaxation skills, adult ADHD, chronic headaches/chronic pain, substance abuse, increasing self-esteem, personality profiles in the workplace, and more. Many of the courses available on PsychSavvy are based on these professional presentation and workshops. 


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