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Self-Improvement Courses:

"Anger Management"

In this course you will learn where your anger comes from, what triggers your anger, how to cope with anger, how to express your anger to others so that you are heard, and more!

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"Building Self-Esteem"

If you are struggling with self-confidence then this course is for you! Don't let low self-confidence interfere with personal and professional success anymore. 

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"Healing From Depression"

This course is for people with mild to moderate depression who want to increase self-confidence, change negative thought patterns, experience happiness and have achieve self-acceptance. 

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"20-Somethings: Getting the Life You Want!"

This course addresses top issues facing people in their 20s. Explore identity, dating, career, and happiness in this 4-week video course.

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Free Download for Stress Management

Quick tips on how to relax to manage stress and anxiety. Download now and start using them right away!


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