End Burnout and Relax

Ever feel like you're giving too much, going too fast, and not taking enough time to relax? You are not alone! All of this stress is likely creating an unhealthy response in your body. Research shows that the stress response impacts nearly every organ system in the body. It can manifest as headaches, abdominal pain, muscle tension, and of course, emotional distress.The good news is, you can heal from the impact of too much stress and start to relax!

Questions to ask yourself as you are working towards healing from stress and burnout are: 

- What are the sources of my stress?

- What helps me to de-stress?

- What are the barriers that stand between me and healing?

Make a short list of the stressors in your life. Things like - work, finances, illness, family, lack of sleep, etc.

Remember, life stressors are normal and unavoidable. The problem is that often the buildup of chronic stress overtime, with little or no relief, causes the negative...

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Top 6 Tips for Beating Seasonal Depression

As we enter this year's winter season, stress and anxiety are especially high due to the pandemic. Even in these stressful times, there are lots of proven strategies to help boost the mood during the winter months!

Here are my top 6 tips for beating seasonal affective disorder (also known as "seasonal depression"):

#1: Get outside for at least 20 minutes a day during the winter months, especially on the milder and sunny days. This is actually extremely important because it is believed that seasonal affective disorder is caused by a reduction in light. Outdoor temperature can indirectly impact seasonal affective disorder, because people are less likely to go outside when it's cold. But temperature alone is not the cause. So if you get outside and get sunlight, the symptoms can be reduced, regardless of the temperature.

#2: Maintain your exercise routine. Don’t let your exercise stop just because it’s getting colder or the days are...

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10 Ways to Achieve Your Exercise Goals

exercise happiness Sep 12, 2019

Exercise can help reduce symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Reap the mental health benefits of exercise!

Here are 10 tips to help get you started with exercise - if you're already exercising regularly, these tips can help keep you motivated!

I realize that ability levels, time constraints, and interests regarding exercise vary, so I've tried to include something for everyone. Of this list, pick your top 3-5 favorite to help you get your exercise to an optimal level:

 Exercise first thing in the morning. There are a few reasons why this works best- you have the most energy in the morning and if, you wait until the afternoon or evening, you might not get around to it. Something else will come up that distracts you from the plan of exercise. Sometimes gyms are less crowded before the workday than after. Exercising in the morning is actually something I started doing recently and it makes a huge difference! You also start your day with an...

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The Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

exercise happiness Aug 30, 2019

Research shows that mild to moderate depression can be treated with exercise, and the benefits are often equal to taking antidepressant medications. Sure, taking a pill may seem quicker and easier, but exercise not only alleviates the symptoms of depression, it also gives you many other health benefits (both mental AND physical), and none of the side-effects that can come with medication. (Note: If you are taking antidepressant medication- or any medication prescribed by your doctor- please talk to your doctor before making changes).

There are several reasons why exercise helps with depression, including the release of endorphins in the brain, and the promotion of neural growth. Seems like some great reasons to hit the gym to me!

Exercise is also an amazing treatment for anxiety. Have you ever noticed that a couple of hours after vigorous exercise, you feel more relaxed but also alert? In other words, exercise calms the nerves without making you tired. Just as...

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