Refresh and Relax this Holiday Season

family happiness Dec 24, 2021

The holidays can be a wonderful time of relaxation, family bonding, and even a time to get some extra things done. But for some people, the holidays can be stressful, whether spending them with family, friends, or on your own. No matter the situation, this vlog has something for you to help you refresh and enjoy the holidays. Watch my video to learn more.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and I’ll see you in 2022 for a BIG PsychSavvy announcement!

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5 Ways to Survive, and THRIVE, this Holiday Season

family happiness Nov 23, 2019

Let’s face it, the holidays can be challenging. Even the most “functional” families still have their issues, clashing personalities, and differences of opinions. But of course the holidays can also be a wonderful time of relaxation and family bonding. So, whether you’re spending the holidays with family, friends, or on your own, this article has something for you!

Try to make this holiday season the best one yet with these 5 ways to survive, and even thrive, this holiday season.

  1. Keep your expectations reasonable. Don’t expect your friends or family to have changed. The same person who drove you crazy last year with questions about why you’re still single or why you chose “that” job, or whatever, will probably drive you crazy again this year. Plan on it and don’t let it get to you. You might even try to find some humor in the situation.
  2. If you’re spending time with family or friends, try to focus on what you appreciate...
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