Why it's important to HALT

Are you feeling Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired? Time to HALT! 

This concept comes from the widely accepted belief that if we humans are experiencing any of those 4 things, we are not able to appropriately deal with tough situations. This means we may be more quick to overreact to a situation, yell, say sometime we regret, do something we regret, or even relapse.

Hungry: Hunger can be a lack of a physical or emotional need. You may feel physically hungry and need to eat before you address the situation at hand, or you may have an emotional need for attention, affection or understanding. To combat hunger, find a nutritious snack while talking to a friend, watching a funny show or reading a book.

Angry: Anger is a normal human emotion. The goal is not to never be angry. The goal is to understand what is behind your anger. That is, what is happening deeper that’s leading to feelings of anger? You see, anger is considered a...

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Personality Characteristics and Resilience During the Pandemic


The pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges we have ever faced, and stress is high. That said, some people are faring better than others. This may be because some personality characteristics allow people to be more resilient.

Watch this video where I explain more about the two personality characteristics associated with higher resilience during the pandemic, and offer strategies to boost these characteristics if they are not your forte.

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