Meditation and Anxiety Reduction

A key component to emotional health is reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.  Did you know meditation helps with anxiety reduction? One common trait of anxiety is racing thoughts. People with anxiety often report feeling like their thoughts are spinning out of control, they feel like they can’t turn off their mind, and they can’t stop thinking. Often racing thoughts lead to problems with concentration (you’re too distracted to stay focused), problems sleeping (your thoughts are literally keeping you up at night), and depression (your thoughts might be negative which contributes to low mood).

The purpose of meditation is to keep your mind focused on the present. This has a natural consequence of reducing stress and anxiety as it allows the mind a break from the racing thoughts, worries, and panicky feelings that often come with anxiety (e.g. rapid heartbeat, sweating, shaking, fidgeting, etc.). Just like your body needs rest to recharge and be energized, so...

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Self-Acceptance and Happiness

happiness self-esteem Apr 01, 2018

Self-acceptance is a true feeling of happiness about who you are.  It doesn't mean you think you’re perfect, it means you accept yourself, knowing you have strengths and weakness, just like everyone else.

Self-acceptance means you can get back up when you fall down; you can laugh at yourself; you can see your uniqueness for both the good and the not so good; you recognize your talents and are proud of what you’re good at; you can make mistakes without feeling worthless, hopeless or deeply sad; you see your mistakes as part of life; you know you’re still a good person even if you’re not perfect; and when you look in the mirror you truly like the person that you see!

Having self-acceptance is an important component of happiness, so if you're not there yet, there are steps you can take to get there!

I believe that every person deserves to look in the mirror and like who they see! There are so many effective ways to boost your self-esteem. Here are some...

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